• Transferring your old video tapes (vhs, vhs-c, 8mm video tape, Hi8mm, Digital 8mm, minidv, full sized DVC, minidvCam, full sized DVcam, and Betamax) to DVD. Prices:  $11.00 per hour of recorded material (you are charged only for what is actually on your tapes).  For SD card file or "thumbdrive" file  transfer to DVD-R, the charge is $15.00 per hour of finished product (pro-rated).  

  • Transferring foreign video system discs and tapes to the U.S. system including: standard 8mm, hi8mm, and digital 8mm PAL; minidv, minidvcam, DVC and DVcam PAL; vhs, vhs-c, super vhs, super vhs-c PAL and SECAM; DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RAM PAL and VCD. The target medium can be almost any disc or tape format.

  • We can transfer U.S. NTSC system source material to most tape or disc formats in the PAL system. 

  • We also do video tape repairs on most formats including splicing, reel replacement, shell replacement, etc.

  • For high speed DVD or CD duplication, call us for quotes.  Prices are based on quantity, label color requirements and storage case requirements.  For premium duplication runs, we use high quality brand name professional discs, primarily JVC Pro series and JVC Valueline (both formerly  known as Taiyo Yuden).  For additional cost savings, we can substitute high quality private label brands for both DVD & CD duplication. For DVD runs, we use DVD-R, but DVD+R is an option at no additional charge.  If your master is on a dual layer disc, the copies MUST be on a dual layer disc.  This requires an additional $1.00 per copy.  


FILM TRANSFERS:  8, super 8, super 8 sound, 16mm & 16mm sound -  .16 Cents per foot of film.  Price includes a Digital Tape Master and First DVD.  Minimum charge is $24.95. Photo and slide transfers to CD (or DVD) JPEG files start at .75 cents each and decrease based on quantity. DVD slide shows from photos or slides,  which can include special effects and/or music and titles, start at $1.50 each. Prices increase based on quality of production and number of titles.

Memory card and camera HDD transfers done in-house or farmed out to quality specialists in the Portland area. We work closely with other professional video editors and videographers and can refer you to them if you need your video material assembled, edited and/or mastered.   

Call or Email us for a quote.  Special pricing is available for schools, churches and non profit organizations. 

Currently available - Region Free DVD players, 180 day warranty – only $45.00  (plays DVD's from anywhere in the world regardless of TV system or Region Code).

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